What is IGDB.com?

We love games, we grew up with games and now we are doing our dream: working professionally with games.

We do this by...

  1. Gathering all relevant information about games in one place (a concept we call a "one-stop-infospot")
  2. Building social and exploratory features on top of this information
  3. Gathering a community of both Gamers and people from the game industry and let them communicate with each other, and
  4. Focusing on our users and let them decide on the design and features.

This is IGDB.com, a gaming website for everyone that loves game. And if you love games as well, we are the gaming website for you.

Our End Game

We wish to create Your ultimate gaming website.

Our Manifesto


We offer uncensored, unmanipulated information about games. We will never elevate our opinions, reviews or ratings over our users.

Video game professionals

The games you love are made by real people. We wish to elevate the status of game developers by showing them to you.

User focused

We cannot build the best game page in the world just by ourselves. We need our users to achieve that. IGDB.com is being built by actively listening to, and communicating with our audience.

Indie games

Indie developers do not have the same means of exposing their games with the world compared to AAA game studios.

Clean & User friendly design

In designing the looks of IGDB.com we prioritize a clean and user friendly design.


So, is this it?

No, the site is far from complete. We will continuously be developing IGDB.com, adding more features and improving the design and user experience.

What is the difference between IGDB.com and all other game databases?

The biggest difference lies in our features that lies on top of our information. IGDB.com is not only a database that serves text data, but offers features allowing our users to do more with this information in order to explore and find games to play in a new way.

How can I contribute to IGDB.com?

The best way to contribute is to use IGDB.com, e.g. rating, searching for and adding information about games. If you like the site and where we are heading please tell your friends about it as well.

I added information about a game/company/person, but I don't see it on that page?

When you add information to the database, it goes through our validation system that allows us to maintain our quality of data. It is usually accepted within 24 hours.





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