Content Policy

Our goal at IGDB is to gather all relevant information about games in one place. A key part of that is community contributions. We welcome and appreciate submissions to our database. There may be times where we limit or remove content -- either because it does not meet our submission criteria, or the content violates the Twitch Community Guidelines.

Evaluating games

When evaluating games, we look at a number of factors, including gameplay interactivity, the presence of storyline and goals, and a release or planned release. Some categories that we do not permit:

  • Supplementary resources: Assets that are addendums to games. Some examples include companion applications, tips and trick applications, databases, and skin quizzes.
  • Derivative games: Games consisting solely of asset flips or other unoriginal elements.
  • Fraudulent achievements: Games with no purpose beyond circumventing or inflating clout on platforms
  • Online gambling and slots: Any games that permit the wagering of monetary funds. Additionally, apps or games which advertise brands related to gambling, betting, or casinos, regardless of the existence of monetary transactions.

Games should also follow the standards in the Twitch Community Guidelines related to violence, harassment, and hateful conduct. This includes but is not limited to games that contain:

  • Promotion of hateful conduct
  • Harassment against, or promotion of acts of violence against a real individual
  • Promotion of sexual violence
  • Sexual exploitation of minors

Depending on the nature of the game or content, we may take different actions:

  • Remove: The title or content will not be available on IGDB.
  • Restrict: We may limit the functionality of a page. You won’t be able to interact with the page, add photos, or add any additional details. We restrict pages when the content violates our standards but we believe there is a public interest in keeping a record of the game.
  • Warning: We may add warnings to pages with adult themes.

Note: Games may be available on IGDB but not permitted for streaming on Twitch. Please see Twitch’s standards for prohibited games for more information.

Evaluating community content and media

Content, including reviews, comments and profile imagery on IGDB should follow the Twitch Community Guidelines. This means we ask that users participate in such a way that promotes a friendly, positive experience for our global community. We do not permit media with nudity or other sexual content. We also do not permit defacing, or attempting to deface, pages on IGDB, such as uploading deceptive or malicious content.